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App concept development, illustration and animation.




The Ombudsperson for Children is an advocate for children and young Peoples rights. They ensure that the opinions of children and young people are heard and that adults respect children’s rights. The Norwegian Ombudsperson for Children was the world’s first Ombudsperson for Children (Barneombudet website). Unfortunately very few children know who The Ombudsperson for Children is and often mistake them for Child Services. They therefore launched a competition where people could present concepts focused on informing children of who the Ombudsperson for Children is and what they do.


Most schools in Norway provide students with iPads, so we decided to use this as our main platform. We created the concept “Barneombuddy” an app revolving around the character Buddy who the children have to provide with clothes, shelter, love and community. Through research and fieldwork (at a primary school), we also discovered that each class had a physical mascot. This inspired us to include a physical version of Buddy which will be given to each class, along with a book/manual for the teachers. Our goal is to make Buddy and the app a mandatory part of school, giving the teachers a helpful tool as well as giving the children a positive experience with TOFC. Through taking care of Buddy the children will learn about their rights and the job TOFC does.

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