magazine cover


Editorial design and illustration.






I am sure I'm not the only one who's quite upset with the use-and-discard cycle we're living in, so when we got an editorial design assignment during my bachelor, I decided to make a satirical fashion magazine as a comment on just that. The name of the the magazine plays on a high end brand I'm sure most people have heard of. And another fun fact; in Norwegian "boss" means rubbish/trash/garbage. Perfect.


This assignment allowed me to get really creative and I decided to use illustrations as my main tool for conveying the message. To get the message of mass consumerism and waste across, I made illustrations where the models’ clothes and accessories were made out of garbage I collected over three months (yes, it got very smelly). I also played around with the typography making it look like “garbage” too - wonky letters, bad line height and kerning. And while the articles in the magazine are extremely superficial, there are small QR-codes that links to articles and documentaries about consumerism, livestock production and the fashion industry.

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