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Web design, print and illustration.




JustSpeak is a movement of young people who are speaking up and speaking out on criminal justice for a thriving Aotearoa. Punitive attitudes are a barrier to positive change in criminal justice and form the context within which policies and legislations in our criminal justice sector are formed. Together young people can change this conversation and transform our justice system to be fair, just and compassionate. - JustSpeak website


For the 2020 election they wanted to create a campaign focused on the future of NZ criminal justice. The goal for this campaign is to get people to take action. We focused on making an inviting design through the use of illustrations, images and colours - the colours are roughly based on colour palettes JustSpeak has used in the past. The web design is done by me, while the development is done by software engineer Andrés Proaño Valencia.

people jumping with overlay text website display floating website display single page floating iphone mockup of website multiple iphones displaying website colourful postcards illustration of hands