packaging fish and seaweed snack


Packaging, identity and illustration.





This is a redesign of an earlier school assignment on packaging with the theme "Nordic Design and Norwegian Culture”. First thing that came to mind was seafood which is a huge part of our culture and has been for generations, but instead of focusing on the traditional “natural salmon” I wanted to do something different. I created a seafood snack series called Seafood With A Twist under the brand Norwegian Tide - for those who don’t like fishy fish and for those who love seafood but wants to try something new.


Through my research, I found out that even though we exported 2,6 million tons of seafood in 2017, Norwegians eat less seafood now than ever. To me this indicated that the way we prepare and present seafood might need to change. So why not look to other countries where seafood still is a big part of their daily diet? I believe that globalisation and cultures melting together enriches the Norwegian culture and brings new exciting opportunities. Based on this I decided to make a range of Norwegian and Japanese fusion seafood snacks with the goal to appeal to the younger audience. The packaging is sleek and minimalistic but with a pop of Japanese influence, and focus on displaying the traditional ingredients with big illustrations.

logo on blue background packaging king crab snack packaging king crab snack back bowl with seaweed snack packaging dried fish and seaweed snack packaging dried fish and seaweed snack back pattern on blue background two bags car