big open space with projection on wall


Video art and illustration.





This is a video art project created during my stay in Milano. Throughout the concept phase of the project, I was heavily inspired by the many Asian religions that believe in reincarnation. According to Bhagavad Gita, a soul reincarnates again and again on earth until it becomes perfect and reunites with its source. As of now the project is just a taste of what I’ve imagined the final result to look like. I imagine the project being displayed in a big organic space, as illustrated by the image above. The exhibition will consist of several videos based on the same concept, creating a universe with interactive spaces within the exhibition, making it interesting for both children and adults.


Most of the animations I make, start with a list of random words describing feeling, colours, shapes to set the mood. From there I find music that inspires me and listen to the song on repeat while visualising the story board. I try to not look at pictures and videos until I have a clear idea of what I want to make, to avoid getting too influenced by others works. When the idea is set on the other hand, I'll watch videos and pick up tips and tricks I can incorporate in my own projects. That was also my approach to this project.

baboon bird and frog in tree girl with blue hair blue branches red tiger